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International A' Level Psychology CIE Course

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Course Description

This International A' Level Psychology Course with Cambridge will help you develop your appreciation of the subject by exploring the ways in which psychology is conducted. As part of your studies, you also review important research; this provides an insight into the ways in which psychology has been applied, thereby leading to a better understanding of key approaches, research methods and issues and debates.

The syllabus reflects four core areas of psychology, namely biological, cognitive, learning and social; it also relates psychology to abnormality, consumer behaviour, health and organisations.

UCAS points: Yes

Hours required: 360

Support: 2 years

Course code: 9990

What can you do with A' Level Psychology?

Students in the past have progressed onto the following degree courses:-

  • Psychology
  • English studies
  • Sociology
  • Business studies
  • Teaching
  • Sport and exercise science

Studying A' Level Psychology will enhance your chances of being accepted into University.

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AS Level

Candidates for the Cambridge International AS Level in Psychology study the following topics:-

  • Canli et al. (brain scans and emotions)
  • Dement and Kleitman (sleep and dreams)
  • Schachter and Singer (two factors in emotion)
  • Andrade (doodling)
  • Baron-Cohen et al. (eyes test)
  • Laney et al. (false memory)
  • Bandura et al. (aggression)
  • Saavedra and Silverman (button phobia)
  • Pepperberg (parrot learning)
  • Milgram (obedience)
  • Piliavin et al. (subway Samaritans)
  • Yamamoto et al. (chimpanzee helping)
Research methods are essential tools that psychologists can use to help us understand human and animal behaviour.
The AS level consists of two examinations papers.

Full A' Level

Candidates for the Cambridge International A' Level in Psychology study the ABOVE AS Level topics and the following:-

  • Schizophrenic and psychotic disorders
  • Bipolar and related disorders/li>
  • Impulse control disorders and non-substance addictive disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders
  • The physical environment
  • The psychological environment
  • Consumer decision-making
  • The product
  • Advertising
  • The patient practitioner relationship
  • Adherence to medical advice
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Health promotion
  • Motivation to work
  • Leadership and management
  • Group behaviour in organisations
  • Organisational work conditions
  • Satisfaction at work
The A' level consists of four examinations papers.

Previous Knowledge Required

There are no previous entry requirements for this course, however students are expected to have a reasonable standard of literacy. You have the freedom to start the course at any time and continue your studies at your own pace for a period of up to 24 months from initial registration with the full support of your Tutor.

What support do we offer with your A' Level Course?

Before you start your tutor will contact you to welcome you and, if you’re new to Learn Now, help you understand what study will be like. They’ll also clarify how and when they can be contacted, and how quickly they will respond to you.

Once you’ve started your tutor will mark and provide feedback on your assignments and support your progress throughout the course.


Students will be required to arrange and pay for their examinations at a CIE approved centre. We can provide an extensive list of these centres for you.

Enrolment Fees

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Please note the easy payment plan is NOT available to International Students.

Awarding Organisation

CIE - Cambridge International Examinations

Cambridge International Examinations is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and their qualifications are taken in over 160 countries and recognised by universities, education providers and employers across the world.

Specification code

A' Level Law CIE: 9990

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