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Edexcel Functional Skills

At Learn Now Distance Learning College, we can offer Edexcel Functional Skills in Maths, English and ICT at Level 2. Other awarding bodies available are City & Guilds, NCFE and OCR, but please note this will be dependent on which awarding body the centre uses where you sit your examinations.

Who is Edexcel?

Pearson Edexcel offer Functional Skills in English, Mathematics and ICT. Their qualifications are regulated by Ofqual.

Has Edexcel Functional Skills changed?

Functional skills qualifications in Maths and English have recently changed, however they are still Ofqual approved and the content you will learn is still very much the same.
The guided learning hours for English and Maths Functional Skills has been increased from 45 to 55 hours.

Is Functional Skills Edexcel Accepted?

Functional Skills is a qualification which is widely accepted as a GCSE equivalent.

Qualification details

 Functional Skills
Maths Level 2
Functional Skills
English Level 2
Functional Skills
ICT Level 2
Assessment1 x Exam, 2 Parts:-

Part 1 – 25 mins
Part 2 – 1 hr 30 mins

Calculator allowed with
Part 2 only.
3 Separate Exams:-

Reading – 1 hr 15 mins
Writing – 1 hr
Speaking, Listening &
Communicating – 40
mins max
1 x Exam

2 hr
Total Marks available60 MarksReading – 35 Marks
Writing – 36 Marks
50 Marks
Reformed version?YesYesNot until
August 2021
Accreditation No.603/4268/7603/4290/0500/9827/5

How is Edexcel Functional Skills graded?

Functional skills assessments with Edexcel will be graded either a pass or fail.

How does Edexcel Functional Skills English exams work?

Edexcel English will still comprise of three separate exams – Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Communicating. Each exam can be taken separately on demand.

Reading and Writing at Levels 1 and 2 can be taken either on screen or on paper, or a combination of both.

Can I use a dictionary for the Edexcel Functional Skills Exam?

Dictionaries will be permitted for use during Reading exams, this includes bilingual dictionaries.

Dictionaries or spell/grammar checkers of any kind must not be used during the Writing exam. This is the case for all learners including anyone entitled to access arrangements.

How does the Edexcel Functional Skills English exam work?

Mathematics has one integrated exam. It can be taken either on screen or on paper.

The Level 2 Functional Skills Mathematics examinations consist of two sections

What sort of calculator will learners need for the Edexcel Functional Skills Maths exam?

City and Guilds does not stipulate the type of calculator that candidate can use, however pre-programmable calculators or devices with Internet access are not permitted.

Onscreen exams

The onscreen platform incorporates a calculator that is available to learners during the calculator section of the paper.

How does the Edexcel Functional Skills ICT exam work?

Functional Skills ICT qualifications are assessed by learners completing a one-off series of supervised tasks. Applications you may be assessed in are:-

  • web browser and search engine
  • email (including contacts and diary)
  • spreadsheet
  • database
  • presentation graphics
  • word processing.