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Gain the essential skills you need with our English and Maths courses. We offer Functional skills online which will help you secure a job or a place at university/college. The courses we offer can be studied via distance learning online.

Our English and Maths courses are designed to help you improve your skills and boost your confidence in these areas. They are also great if you are looking for more flexibility than a conventional college; as exam based courses have more frequent dates available for sitting your exams, meaning you can complete the course much quicker.

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English Level 2 Online

English Level 2

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Maths Level 2 Online

Maths Level 2

Distance Learning

Functional Skills English Level 2 Online

Functional Skills English

Distance Learning

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online

Functional Skills Maths

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IGCSE English Language

IGCSE English Language

Distance Learning

IGCSE English Literature

IGCSE English Literature

Distance Learning

IGCSE Maths Online


Distance Learning

a-level english language online distance learning course

A' Level English Language

Distance Learning

a-level english literature online distance learning course

A' Level English Literature

Distance Learning

a-level Mathematics online distance learning course

A' Level Mathematics

Distance Learning

Why is Maths and English important?

Maths and English are fundamental skills we all need and will continue to use throughout our lives. Almost every job requires us to be able to communicate and calculate problems confidently.

Within the UK, there is a large amount of people without basic skills in English and Maths. It can also be hard for anyone to attend a College to achieve this these qualifications.

Within the UK, we can offer the following qualifications to learners:-

What is IGCSE English and Maths?

If you gain a qualification in English and Maths at IGCSE level, this is equivalent to a GCSE. The only different is that the IGCSE is an Internationally recognised qualification and there is no coursework involved.

With IGCSEs, depending on the awarding body you choose, exams can usually be taken a couple of times a year. CAIE offer exams in June and November whereas Edexcel offer exams in January and June. There are two exams for IGCSE English and two exams for IGCSE Maths.

The grades would be based on the new 9-1 system and more information on this can be found here.

IGCSEs are accepted by Universities, colleges and employers.

What is Functional Skills English and Maths?

With the Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications, they are also accepted by Universities, colleges and employers. As an approximate comparison, Functional Skills Level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE grade 4.

With functional skills level 2, there is no coursework involved and the exams are structured as follows depending on the awarding body:-

English functional skills level 2 Three exams consisting of a reading, writing and speaking & listening paper

Maths functional skills level 2 There will be either one paper with two sections (a calculator and non calculator section) or two papers on each section.

For functional skills level 2, we offer the following awarding bodies:-

  • City and Guilds
  • NCFE
  • OCR
  • Edexcel

Exam windows for the functional skills level 2 are more flexible than IGCSEs and you can normally book these quite quickly. Results for functional skills will also arrive much sooner than the IGCSE.

What is English and Maths Level 2 Certificate?

We also offer the English and Maths Level 2 course. Please note that this is not a qualification, it is a Level 2 Certificate awarded by Abstract Education.

This course will provide learners with skills in English and Maths with the syllabus being equivalent to a GCSE.

We do have some employers, colleges and universities accept a Level 2 Certificate as well as the functional skills qualification, however we would advise that you check with them directly before enrolling onto this course.

In order to obtain the English and Maths Level 2 Certificate, there is no final exam and the course is fully distance learning based. You would need to complete a series of assignments and once your tutor feels you are competent in each area of the course, you will be signed off.

Please note that will all of the above courses it is best to check with your employer, college or University first to ensure that the course you choose will meet their requirements.

functional skills

Why study English and Maths with Learn Now?

  • If you are interested in Functional Skills, we have access to more centres than any other distance learning provider. Therefore we are more likely to be able to provide you with a centre at a location that suits your needs. We can even offer exams with remote invigilation.
  • We do not leave it up to you to find a centre, we already have a list of Functional Skills approved centres. Rest assured, you will not be spending your precious time on the phone for hours trying to find a centre. We’ve got it covered!
  • Our online portal is a great way to get you motivated with a mix of interactive quizzes/games and written assignments.
  • You can message your tutor as often as you wish and they will also keep in regular contact with you to ensure you are reaching your targets.
  • If you are struggling, your tutor is always on hand to help you or provide you with additional resources.

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What are A Levels in English and Mathematics?

A Levels are the next tier up from Level 2/GCSE courses. If you are looking to attend University or College, you may require A Levels in order to be accepted. We offer A Levels in Both Mathematics and English.

A Levels in Mathematics and English are much more difficult to complete than GCSEs or Functional Skills.

They are equivalent to a Level 3 and therefore they do require a lot of dedication. Mathematics and English are facilitating subjects. What we mean by facilitating subjects are subjects most commonly required of preferred by universities to get onto a range of degree courses. They will help you keep your options open when choosing a degree.

You can study A Level Mathematics and English with our Distance Learning College. Please see our A Levels section for more information.

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