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Early Years Reception Class Online

Course Information

Although Reception class is not compulsory in schools, it may be helpful for learners to gain an understanding of the fundamentals in order that they are not disadvantaged when starting their Key Stage 1 programme.

With this in mind, you may wish to consider joining Mr Brown’s early years online Reception class, suitable for 4 – 5 year olds.

All resources needed to home school your child will be provided through the student portal and you can just sit back, and watch Mr Brown take the Reception class, providing a positive and engaging experience.

What will my child learn?

Mr Brown will take his time to teach early years learners, the foundations of literacy in order to prepare them for Key Stage 1 – Year 1, using fun and interactive activities and games. At the end of the school year, learners will have the opportunity to attend a conventional school or join our other Key Stage 1 learners studying online.

By the end of the Reception year, learners will know their alphabet and be able to blend words together using phonics. There are 44 sounds that they will learn to recognise, called phonemes and this will form the basis of their activities. They can also join Mr Brown’s reading class, listening to fun stories and learning to read themselves.

As your child becomes more skilful, the lessons will become more difficult but as they are introduced in a fun way, spelling tests will provide an enjoyable experience, laying the foundations of positive learning for future education.

All worksheets and activities are downloadable and can be printed when needed, ensuring that you have more copies if needed. They will also provide you with lots of ideas for activities you can complete together, including out in the fresh air; such as ticking boxes on a worksheet when certain items or insects are found. Lovely!

Mr Brown will also include the maths side, where numbers up to 20 will be taught, together with different shapes, sizes, patterns and groups; providing a real boost to early years skills.