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A Guide to Choosing a Career in Business

Business is an important part of our lives and societies. After all, it creates countless job opportunities and plays an integral role in the economy! Because of that, there is a growing demand for business experts.

That’s why one thing’s for sure – if you’re interested in pursuing a career in business, having the right education is crucial before you even think about a future in the industry.

Here, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing a career in business and how studying A Levels, especially AQA A Level Business and AQA A Level Mathematics, can help you gain the knowledge required to join the professional business industry.

Choosing a career in business

So, if you’re wondering, “Should I go into business?” keep reading to find out!

Benefits of a Career in Business:

Choosing a career in business can provide a lot of benefits. These include job stability, earnings, and positively impacting the world around you. Interested? Learn more about this with the short descriptions we’ve provided:

Job Stability:

Everyone’s looking for job stability these days as economies collapse, and the world struggles to normality (COVID, anyone?).

The business industry, though, is growing constantly, and there’s always a use and a demand for skilled professionals. That’s why, with a stable baseline of education and qualifications, you can have a long and stable career in business.

High Earning Potential:

Honestly, you could easily confirm that businesspeople are some of the highest-paid employees in any country’s workforce. So, with a degree in business, you can hope (or even expect) to earn a higher salary than people outside the business.

Moreover, there’s also a disparity in earnings between those with and those without professional degrees, so keep that in mind as well. And let’s not forget that many business careers offer bonuses and commissions, making it possible to earn even more!

Opportunity for Growth and Advancement:

The business industry is constantly developing, providing you with a lot of opportunities for growth and advancement.

‘Increase’ - job growth and advancement in career and business

You can climb the career and business ladder with the right education and experience and take on more responsibility. (Higher pay plays a role, too, of course!)

Making a Positive Impact:

Business is not just about making money; it can also positively impact society and the world around you. Many conscious businesses today focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and community involvement. Working in such a company can be fulfilling and rewarding if you consider the ecological footprint.

These benefits are pretty enticing, right? By pursuing a career in business and gaining qualifications such as AQA A Level Business, A Level Mathematics, or other relevant A Levels online, you can reach for these and position yourself for a bright future filled with opportunities. Speaking of which, why don’t we talk more about that?

A Levels

A Levels are a popular qualification for students, especially those seeking a business career.

Studying aqa a levels business

This is because AQA A Level Business, A Level Mathematics, and A Level Accounting are all relatively easy yet useful subjects to study. Secondly, they help with future planning, especially if you’re considering going to university for a business degree.

AQA A Level Business

This a great choice for students interested in business and management. The course covers marketing, finance, operations management, and more, providing both a broad overview of the industry and a baseline for future studies.

Additionally, this qualification can be further used to gain entry to a variety of business-related degree courses, including business management, marketing, and accounting.

A Level Mathematics

Math is another popular option for students thinking about a career in business. The course gives you a strong foundation in concepts and techniques essential for many business careers.

A levels mathematics and future business opportunities

Students with this degree often go on to study finance, economics, or actuarial science at university.

A Levels online

For students unable to attend traditional classroom-based school, A Levels online are a great alternative. A Levels online allow students to study at their own pace, from the comfort of their own house (or wherever they are in the world). Many schools and online providers offer A Level courses in a range of subjects, including business.

Studying a levels online to get that business background and work towards a business university degree.

In any case, to find out more about A Levels and how they help kickstart your business future, visit the AQA A Level Business page today!

Career Paths with a Business Degree

A degree in business can provide you with a lot of options and opportunities in professions and careers, including:

  • Finance: Business graduates in this field pursue careers in investment banking, financial analysis, and financial planning.
  • Marketing: A marketing concentration can help lead to careers in advertising, public relations, and market research.
  • Operations: Graduates focusing on operations find work in supply chain management, logistics, and operations management.
  • Human resources: A business degree concentrating on human resources leads to careers in talent management, benefits administration, and employee relations.
  • Entrepreneurship: A business degree can also prepare graduates to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs.

With AQA A Level Business and other such courses, students can build a strong foundation and develop the skills and baselines for many future career paths. No matter your goal, you can reach it if you plan out your degree!

“Should I go into Business?” Myths and Facts

After considering the benefits and drawbacks of studying business and the potential career paths, you might still wonder whether you should pursue a career in this field.

To help you out in this bit of decision-making, let’s think about some common myths and facts about working in business:

Myth: You need to be a natural-born leader to succeed.

Fact: Sure, leadership skills are important in business, but they can also be developed over time. A lot of successful businesspeople started out with few leadership skills and developed them through education, mentorship, and on-the-job experience.

Business leadership - should I go into business as an introvert?

Myth: Business is for extroverts and outgoing personalities.

Fact: Business does involve networking, marketing, and communication, yes, but it’s also true that introverts can excel in the field. Many successful businesspeople identify as introverts and have developed strategies to succeed in these areas, such as scheduling alone time to recharge after social events.

Myth: You must be a math genius to study business.

Fact: It’s true that quantitative skills are important in some parts of business, like finance and accounting. But you don’t need to be a math genius to succeed in the field. After all, in this modern-day world, what are computers for? (We’re joking, human calculations matter a lot, too). 

What we mean to say is that many successful businesspeople have strong communication, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills instead of math that allow them to navigate other complex business situations. Because business isn’t all about math, after all.

Myth: A degree in business is only useful in the corporate sector.

Fact: We all know business degrees get you a leg up in corporate. But it can also be important in other settings, such as professional businesses or other economic sectors. Think about entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and government officials, who all benefit from a strong understanding of business principles in their professional lives.

Corporate sector career and business

The Bottom Line:

Studying business can provide a strong baseline for a future in business or business studies. And even if you don’t have the skills yet, don’t worry! What else are business degrees for, if not self-growth, learning, and an opportunity to get a boost to whichever business career you’re thinking of joining?

It’s true the thought of the cost of a professional degree can be overwhelming, but there are a lot of options. And if you’re worried about the traditional experience, online opportunities are also available, like A Levels online and similar university degrees.

Following up on a degree, you should also confirm whether you want to go into business at all, but we think separating myth from fact (as we’ve done in this blog) is pretty much a great way for you to learn the truth and decide what to do.

Because honestly, a business degree can open doors other methods can’t, and there is also potential for high earnings and job satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want to think about choosing a career in business?

So good luck and work hard! We hope you found what you were looking for.