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CIE / CAIE A' Level Science Practical Examinations

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Science Practical Assessments

CIE are amongst the top awarding bodies for science education throughout the world. They are part of the University of Cambridge; who are best known for their scientific discoveries, namely the structure of DNA, the electron and the laws of gravity.

Why complete science practicals?

Cambridge believe that if you wish to embark on a career in the scientific industry, good practical skills are a must and many universities insist that practical skills have been assessed during A’ Level examinations as well as theoretical skills.

Evidence of practical science skills will also ensure that you are in the best possible position to apply to the most distinguished of institutions and improve your career opportunities.

How many practical exams will I complete for the A' Level?

AS Level

Students will be entered for three examinations, two theory papers will be completed and one practical paper.

Students will complete Paper 1 Multiple Choice (theory), Paper 2 (theory) and Paper 3 (Advanced Practical Skills).

A' Level

Two further examination papers will be taken; Paper 4 A Level Structured Questions (theory) and Paper 5 Planning, Analysis and Evaluation (all written papers).

What practical skills will I be assessed on?

The practical examination will be a laboratory-based practical paper and students will be assessed on the following experimental skills:
  • manipulation, measurement and observation
  • presentation of data and observations
  • analysis, conclusions and evaluation.

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