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A' Level (UK)
A' Level (International)
A' Level Accounting
Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy Level 4
Anatomy & Physiology Level 3
Anatomy & Physiology Level 4
Animal Behaviour Level 3
Animal Care Level 2
Animal Welfare Level 4
Aromatherapy Level 3
Understanding Autism Level 3
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Beauty Salon Management Level 3
Beauty Therapy Level 3
A' Level Biology Linear - AQA
A' Level Biology Linear - CAIE
A' Level Biology Linear - Edexcel
IGCSE Biology Edexcel Business Administration Level 3
Business Law Level 4
Biology Level 3
Business Management Level 2
Business Management Level 3
Business Marketing Level 2
Business Planning Level 2
Business Start-up for Today's Entrepreneur Level 3
A' Level Business - AQA
A' Level Business CAIE
A' Level Business Edexcel
IGCSE Business Edexcel
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Canine Science Level 3
Care Home Management Level 3
A' Level Chemistry - AQA
A' Level Chemistry - CAIE
A' Level Chemistry - Edexcel
IGCSE Chemistry - CAIE
IGCSE Chemistry - Edexcel
Child Care Level 3
CACHE Level 3 in Preparing to Work in Homebased Childcare QCF Course
Child Psychology Level 3
A' Level Classical Studies - CAIE
A' Level Computer Science - CAIE
IGCSE Computer Science - CAIE
IGCSE Computer Science - Edexcel
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Level 2
Credit Control & Debt Management Level 3
Customer Relations Level 2
Customer Service Level 3
Customer Service Excellence Level 3
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Dog Grooming Level 3
Domestic Animal Care Level 3
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Early Years Reception Class Online
Early Years Level 3
Early Years Level 4
A' Level Economics - AQA
A' Level Economics - CAIE
A' Level Economics Edexcel
IGCSE Economics - CAIE
IGCSE Economics - Edexcel
Effective Communication Level 2
Employment Law Level 3
Functional Skills English Level 2
English Level 2
IGCSE English Language - CAIE
IGCSE English Language - Edexcel
IGCSE English Literature - CIE
IGCSE English Literature - Edexcel
A' Level English Language - CAIE
A' Level English Literature - CAIE
A' Level Environmental Science - AQA
Executive Office Skills Level 2
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Forensic Science Level 3
Forensic Science Level 4
Functional Skills English Level 2
Functional Skills Maths Level 2
Functional Skills ICT Level 2
Functional Skills English and Maths Level 2
Functional Skills English, Maths and ICT Level 2
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A' Level Geography
IGCSE Geography - CAIE
IGCSE Geography Edexcel
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Health and Social Care Level 2
Health and Social Care Level 3
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Diploma (HLTA) Level 4
Higher level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) RQF Level 4
A' Level History - CAIE
IGCSE History - CAIE
IGCSE History - Edexcel
Human Resources Level 3
Human Resources Management Level 4
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ICT - Information and Communication Technology Level 2
IGCSE Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - CAIE
IGCSE Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - Edexcel
Introduction to Criminal Law Level 3
Introduction to English Law Level 3
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A' Level Law - AQA
A' Level Law - CAIE
A' Level Law - Edexcel
Legal Secretary Level 3
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Make-up Artist Diploma Course (Includes Starter Kit)
Make-up Artist Level 3
A' Level Marine Science - CAIE
Functional Skills Maths Level 2
Maths Level 2
IGCSE Maths - Edexcel
A' Level Mathematics AQA
A' Level Mathematics CAIE
Mediation Diploma Level 3
Medical & Clinical Administration Level 3
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Nail Technician Level 2
Nail Technician Level 3
Nursery Management Level 3
Nutrition Consultant Level 3
Nutrition for Young Children Level 3
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Personal Assistant Level 3
A' Level Philosophy
A' Level Physics - AQA
A' Level Physics - CAIE
A' Level Physics - Edexcel
IGCSE Physics - CAIE
IGCSE Physics - Edexcel
A' Level Politics - AQA
Proofreading Diploma Level 4
A' Level Psychology - AQA
A' Level Psychology - CAIE
A' Level Psychology - Edexcel
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A' Level Religious Studies
Retail Management Level 3
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Sage 50 Accounts Level 1
Sage 50 Accounts Level 2
Sage 50 Accounts Level 3
Sage 50 Accounts Level 4
Sage 50 Payroll Level 1
Sage 50 Payroll Level 2
Sage 50 Payroll Level 3
IGCSE Combined Science (Double Award) - CAIE
IGCSE Combined Science (Double Award) - Edexcel
A' Level Sociology - AQA
A' Level Sociology - CAIE
IGCSE Sociology - CAIE
SEN Teaching Assistant Level 2
SEN Teaching Assistant Level 3
Special Education Needs (SEN) Level 3
Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools QCF Level 3 Award
Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools QCF Level 3 Certificate
Support Work in Schools Level 2 RQF Course
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Teaching Assistant Level 3
Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3 Diploma RQF Online Course
Team Leading Level 3
IGCSE Travel & Tourism
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Veterinary Support Assistant Level 3
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Zoology Level 3

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Science Online

Six signs that it is time to change your career

Many of us sometimes wonder if we are following the right path and if we should have chosen a different career. If you are wondering if you have made wrong choices, the following might help:

1. Loss of purpose and passion.

When your career has no meaning to you anymore or it does not excite you, it may be that you have lost your purpose and passion for the job you are doing.

If you do not feel like going to work anymore because you do not believe in the company's actions, then it may be time to consider your options.

2. Potential is not valued

There is nothing worse than knowing your boss does not see your potential. This can make it extremely hard to remain loyal to the company, especially if you feel you have so much to give.

3. Your potential growth is stunted.

You must first, ask yourself, is it because I do not venture out my comfort zone? Do I associate myself with the correct people? If there is no solution in sight then again consider your options for moving forward.

4. Workplace environment is not trustworthy

If you cannot trust management, promises are being made but not met and you feel your environment is hostile then this is not going to be conducive to your mental health.

5. No rewards

There are all sort of rewards you can gain in the work place e.g. bonuses, pay rise and appreciation. If you feel you have not been given the rewards that you deserve (based on industry standards), it may be time for a change.

6. You cannot be yourself

If you feel like you cannot be yourself at work and you follow an act; you can soon be consumed with an identity crisis. This means it is time to find somewhere you can be you.

If all of the above is relevant to you, it may be time for you to think about career choices.

The starting point for any career is Functional Skills English and Maths; without these subjects or an equivalent qualification, you may find that you are missing out on potential job opportunities. Functional Skills forms the basis of everyday living and without these necessary skills, it may be that you are unable to carry out specific actions, such as constructing a CV or calculating monthly outgoings.

Our Functional Skills courses, not only prepare you for sitting your examinations but also provide you with Tutor support throughout your course so that you always have someone to turn to if you need help.

If you would like to find out more about our Functional Skills online courses, then please click here.


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