Here are four stories about people with a dual diagnosis involving mental illness and drug misuse, including cannabis, heroin, crack cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy and alcohol. The stories are an excellent training resource and are presented as an online e-learning training course. Aimed at people with a dual diagnosis, as well as practitioners and trainers, the training course contains essential information and advice about reducing the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.


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Unit 1 - David has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. He has been in and out of hospital several times and, still only in his 20's, he learns about the effects, both good and bad, of cannabis on his mental health. His story is told in a sympathetic and moving way.

Unit 2 - Martha knows the dark side and the bright side to ecstasy (and other drugs) and this comes through in a story that shows how a person might have to adapt their lives to the distress and stigma of mental illness. There are tips on safer use, relapse prevention, dealing with emergencies and more.

Unit 3 - Jason will use anything as long as it makes him feel 'normal'. Thing is, it doesn't make him feel normal - it just makes him feel less 'abnormal'. He hears things, sees things, gets weird and bizarre ideas and simply keeps using drink and drugs to get through it all. This unit includes a useful drug interactions matrix which shows how substances interact with medications.

Unit 4 - Geoff (aka 'God') is usually living on the street (he has been for years). On occasions he has a roof over his head - but that is often a hospital roof after being sectioned. His life is like heaven and hell, speedballing or drinking and being in hospital. But he wants what others want - it just seems to be a case of staying alive until it comes about.

E-learning is an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver this knowledge. The training course provides key facts and helpful suggestions in an entertaining and contemporary way and also includes quizzes and tests within each unit to promote learning.


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